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Why AskMe?

Commencing a business in this cut-throat competition in as difficult as striving a business in one. Industry is dynamic and keeps changing more rapidly than ever. To keep up with the fast paced industry, we have seen so many changes in laws for registering and operating a business. We have seen so many new digital and AI based strategies by brands, to keep up with the trends.

But one person can know only so much and can do only so much. Businesses always require business partners who can help them in various activities like supply chain, HR, Operations, Digital & Content Marketing, A business cannot do everything alone. Hence it is best that a business focuses on its core competencies and outsource the rest. For example Zomato’s core competency is its list of wide array of restaurants. Hence when zomato opened its food delivery business, it hired Third Party Logistics to take care of the deliveries. It hired ad agency to oversee its social media marketing. This way Zomato managed to best in all the business activities.

Finding the right business partners is a cumbersome and tedious process. Because you will want 10 different partners for wholesale, retail, recruitment, software and internet service provider. For choosing the best 10 partners, you’ll have to review more than 100 potential partners located at 100 different places. Hence it gets tough to focus on anything else, until you find your right match.

This is where AskMe chimes in. To make things smoother for businesses, we do all the searching and evaluation of prospective business partners and give you the best. For example, if you want to register your company but are stuck in understanding the procedure, all you need to do is drop in an enquiry and we will get the experts in UAE to look out the paperwork for you. This is not all. We have partnered with all types of experts your business will ever need. From real estate to office design, from recruitment to legal services, from digital marketing to public relations, we have got the all the professionals on board with us. They can serve in the most customized way without you going through the hassle of any of it.

We offer these packages at amazing rates and take full accountability because your satisfaction is our growth metric. We also have an all in one end to end services package which includes all the above activities starting at just 49,999 AED. It can be customized in the way you want. You can completely rely on us with each one of your need. We will satisfy them at the best industry rates.

Still confused on what all services you can avail? Reach out to us now by clicking here.

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