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Your Brand Needs PR!

Having a company without a public relations team is like selling your goods without calling out potential buyers. A great PR team, doesn’t only put your brand name in media, but also ensures that your brand has a positive word of mouth. From writing simple press releases, to rescuing a company from a crisis, Public Relations team is needed on every page of your business. It is although ironic that a brand that you established for over a long period of time can be ruined nowadays with just one video, tweet or a post, but it is the harsh reality of today’s industry dynamics. For few cases, it is the brand that is responsible for the negative publicity, like Nestle Maggie or Volkswagen emission scandal and in few cases brand catches a negative light through no fault of its own, like the case of SnapDeal rated poorly on PlayStore for remarks made by the CEO of SnapChat.

Regardless of whose fault it is, the damage has to be eventually faced by the brand. Hence it is wise to have an impeccable PR team to save your name for an unforeseen crisis that your brand might face.

Take a look at the inspiring crisis management case by Lipton Green Tea. In 2016, a woman from UAE posted a video claiming that all of her tea bags of Lipton Green Tea consists of live as well as dead worms. Within a span of few hours, the video was viewed by thousands of netizens. Few online articles were immediately published accusing Lipton. Check out the video here:

However, Lipton was quick to respond to that video and posted a clarification video before the damage could spread more. The video got more than 80,000 hits within four hours of posting. Lipton made sure that it reaches to all kinds of audience. The PR team of Lipton was quick to rope in Dubai Municipality as well to gain credibility. Dubai Municipality too posted Lipton’s video with a statement, “The Food Safety Management at Dubai Municipality would like to show the consumers the ignorance of such people and advises everyone not to circulate such videos but instead going to the responsible authorities to verify the information and get the correct and trusted scientific answer from official scientific and legal authorities.”

From a politician like Donald Trump to an established organization like Cadbury, everyone needs a PR to ensure that they are appearing in the good books of media, investors as well as common public. There are hundreds of things to keep in mind while interacting with any of your stakeholders. A statement that can gain public trust can make investors angry and a public appearance that make media happy may make government suspicious. It is difficult to manage all the stakeholders’ interests together. A small thing as simple as a speech can prove disastrous for your brand, if it is interpreted in a different way than you wanted to. Hence it is always advisable to hire an agency whether you are an established brand or a start-up. A good PR agency shall take care of your events, your online and offline reputation, press conferences as well as shall save you if any crisis were to ever hit you. PR is like legal services; Irrespective of the risk your activities are carrying, it is always better to be safe now than to be sorry later.

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